Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm hip-deep in Hebrew and am actually loving it, although we'll see how long the honeymoon glow will continue.

The prof has relaxed a bit, the class has relaxed a bit, and I aced my first two quizzes, so I'm feeling good.

Note to self: don't eat a big lunch, otherwise you'll find it hard to stay awake for the after-lunch lecture class.

Note to self, part the second: remember a sweater since the a/c is ratcheted up really high.

Note to self, part the third: yes, the rolling book bag is geeky, but with the Hebrew text, the notebook, the lexicon, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the Book of Common Prayer, the NRSV Bible, plus assorted other stuff, it is your only hope of avoiding the chiropractor.

The question du jour: should I leave Hebrew as a pass-fail, or should I request a letter grade? Right now (just a couple of days into it), I feel like I'm in the top group in the class, but that could certainly change. Dare I tempt fate?


Cathy said...

Pass Fail is the route I would go.

revabi said...

Well if you whizzed through the first two you will probably do okay.

Be a geek and have the rolling book bag, sure wish I had had one.

mibi52 said...

Yes, I really did go for the grade, thinking it would force me to really focus. I may regret the decision, but I certainly am focusing!