Monday, November 21, 2005

One More Day

...until we leave for Qatar. My MIL and FIL are already headed out and will get there a day before us. PH has his sermon 95% done (isn't that our standard state of being?) and I have practiced my song enough so I shouldn't make a fool of myself. I'm trying to not pack my entire closet - originally I was going to try and do it with one roll-aboard bag, but PH says he wants to bring a pullman bag, so now I have the luxury of deciding on more stuff. I do have to leave room for the stuff we buy at the souk.

Does anyone else have an overwhelming urge to clean the house before leaving on a trip? I think part of it is wanting to come home to a clean house with fresh sheets and towels, but another darker part of it is leaving the place clean in case we don't come back.

Leave it to me to find the gray side of the cloud instead of the silver lining!

Counting the hours.

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