Saturday, November 05, 2005

Home Again

The travel demons seemed to be conspiring against me as I was coming home from Monterey yesterday. My flight out of Monterey ended up being two hours late leaving there, causing me to miss my connection in SFO, causing me to have to sit in that airport for five hours waiting for the next flight to Your Nation's Capital.

The good news (or bad, depending how you look at it) is that there are some very nice fast food places (including one devoted entirely to desserts) in the food court there.

I've got a large quantity of laundry to do, so I'll blog a little more meaningfully later on...

It's good to be home, even if the electical circuits on my side of the bed are all dead, so no radio, reading lamp, or TV right now. That only feels a little bit bad right now.


see-through faith said...

deserts only. my oh my!

cheesehead said...

Are we talking about SFO? 'Cause I've been there about a bajillion times, and I don't remember any decent food! See's candy, maybe.

Anyway, airport food aside, glad you made it back in one piece.

mibi52 said...

Yup, SFO. I speak in relative terms only. One has a choice of Mexican fast food, Chinese fast food, Japanese fast food and American fast food. I indulged in some spicy turkey-bean chili which wasn't too bad, as airplane food went. see's chocolate, too, I'm embarrassed to admit.