Friday, November 18, 2005

Another painting project

I painted Stonemason's bedroom today. After his wear and tear plus the pregnant couple who lived in the room for three months, it was looking rather grimy. I started with the windowsashes and sills. The Spooky cat decided to help by leaping up onto a freshly painted windowsill. She is no longer pure black, since she now has some lovely white markings on her paws and tail. I managed to grab her and wipe her paws with the wet rag before she left a trail of pawprints throughout the basement level, but she's still looking slightly embarrassed.

I was very proud of how efficiently I was painting when I got to the very last bit of wall, stepped off the stepstool...into the roller tray full of paint.

So much for thinking I'm smarter than my cat! I hope I can get through painting the trim tomorrow without anymore mishaps.

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