Sunday, August 21, 2005


PH officiated at his cousin's marriage yesterday evening. A lovely thing - he gives good wedding. He preached on Phil 4:8-9, not a standard wedding text, but an apt one, particularly for two strong-minded people marrying in middle-age.

It was a unique cultural experience: a Swedish/Puerto Rican wedding. The dancing was a hoot - you have not lived until you've seen conservative Norsk types attempt the merengue! I think it will take my left hip a week to recover. Another unique moment: all of us Baby Boomers on the dance floor to "Play that Funky Music, White Boy." Singing along madly. The teens were just HORRIFIED at us. And when we started to do the disco thing a la John Travolta to "Staying Alive," the self-abasement was complete. Ah, it's a good thing for the teens to know we can occasionally be ridiculous too!

Some of PH's relatives from far away were there, and wanted the lowdown on my discernment process. Fun to share and explain why our process takes 18 months to two years before one goes to seminary.

There's a family brunch this morning-sort of an after-party - but I'm singing a solo at church this morning, so I'll dodge the carbohydrate fest.

I've noticed that several of my RevGal blog pals have unique names for their kids, rather than the format I'm used to (for example, DD17 indicates Dear Daughter aged 17). I think I'll dub DD17 "Strong Opinions", probably her most notable trait. DS19 will be "Stonemason" in honor of his work and his quiet demeanor, and DS21 will be "Litigator" for his skills at argumentation - evident from when he was just a sprout.

What think ye?


jaybee said...
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editor said...
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AdSenseGuy said...
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Kathryn said...

well, my darling daughter objects strongly to being so dubbed...thinks that it's bland and unfair in comparison with her brothers' designations as TeenWonder and LoudBoy...But the best alias for her would be songbird...and that's already taken! And HeadintheClouds sounds like a spoof Longfellow-type American Indian.

Quotidian Grace said...

Great blogging aliases!

cheesehead said...

Yeah, I just decided to have fun with it! Wonder Girl (WG) is really DD14.5, and Charging Towards Adulthood (CTA) is known in other parts as DS18.