Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Slogging through...

...the GRE prep. I thought my hatred of all things numerical was at its peak when I was 14 and taking Geometry from the evil Sr. Domenica (well, not evil, just a tad sadistic).

I was wrong. I hate it worse now. But just like dieting, I'm slogging through. I ust don't want to really embarrass myself.

On the other hand, I'm loving my computer Koine Greek lessons. Still can't seem to memorize all the various cases of the prepositions, but it will come. I guess the difference is that the math is just to get through the GREs, but the Greek will last me forever. Our rector (a Classics scholar) is going to start a Greek class Monday nights at church; maybe I can really get a head start on my seminary work. At the very least, it will put me in good shape for seminary and free me to focus on Hebrew, which will not come as naturally as Greek, which mirrors the four years of Latin I took in High School (in medieval times). All those cognomes help, too.

Has anyone heard from St. Casserole? I'm worried about her and her family with Hurricane Katrina.

Please say a prayer for my father-in-law, who should be heading back this week from a medical mission trip to Africa (he served there for over 30 years). Ethiopea Air doesn't fill me with confidence.

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