Sunday, August 28, 2005

Out of the Discernment Closet

PH threw me a belated birthday party last night. It was delightful (even if I did have to clean the house), with a bunch of dear friends from different parts of my life, but mostly from church. I told them about my journey towards the priesthood. My rector was there, looking nervous that I had spoken aloud about it (!). My Commission on Ministry representative (who will help shepherd me throught he process) had said it was ok to tell people now, and I figure I can use all the folks praying for me as is possible, so I took the plunge.

I was a bit surprised at the reaction - several said they weren't surprised, that it made perfect sense to them. I guess others could see it before I could myself.

Anyway, a couple of those who were there love to share good news with the rest of the world, so the the talking drums will be beating today.

Very gratifying to feel the love and support of my friends, some churched, some unchurched. One professor even offered to coach me on my math for the GRE's, which is the ultimate gift given my utter hopelessness on things geometrical.

Thanks, God, for being patient with me while I was figuring this stuff out. Thanks, God, for being faithful and knowing that it will take me a while to figure the rest of this out. Thanks, God, for family and friends, who are helping me. I thought I was alone for so long. No more. Amen.

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