Monday, December 24, 2012

The Meandering Sheep

It is a commonplace of children's Christmas pageants that toddlers get dressed in lamb costumes because it is just so darned cute. Invariably, the lambies don't follow directions very well and sort of wander around the sanctuary aimlessly, despite the attempts of the 8 year old shepherds to herd them up to the creche.

My friend Diana has chronicled this in a rather unusual way. She and her husband John, a bike-riding buddy of my husband's, have a tiny plastic Nativity set in their bathroom. One of the sheep has this habit of meandering all over the bathroom. They take turns putting the sheep in unlikely places, and it has reached epic levels of creativity. (The sheep watching their border collie, Lacey, for example.)

If you want to see the travels of the sheep, check then out here. Even grown-us can have fun with Christmas, especially grown-ups with as well-developed a sense of the playful as these two do!

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