Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Five:Past and Present

Today's Friday Five is all about our place in the universe, in the past and in the present, in ways both ridiculous and sublime...

1. In what era would you most like to have grown up, and what would be your occupation?

I think I'm perfectly happy having grown up when I did. It was, as the Chinese warning says, an interesting time. The end of the Cold War, the beginning of equal rights for people of color and women, tremendous changes in our understanding of the world and ourselves (although we have a long way to go yet). Still much more to do to make this a better world, but we're making some progress at least. As for occupation, I cannot imagine a better occupation than that I have right now, an Episcopal priest, and that would only have been open to me as a woman in this time and place.
2. What fashion trend you followed was very cool then but now looks ridiculous?
Platform shoes. It was a miracle I didn't permanently ruin my poor ankles. Platform shoes are back, but at this stage of life, I won't be wearing them.

3.  If you could work as an assistant to anyone for a year who would you choose?
Queen Elizabeth. The first, not the second. She just seems like a fascinating person...on the other hand, she seemed to favor her male assistants over the female ones. Ah well....

4. What did you get in most trouble for when you were young?
Arguing with my mother, who was a stubborn and opinionated as I was. Of course, I'm not stubborn and opinionated anymore (cue the sounds of raucous laughter from above).

5.  What are the redeeming qualities of the person you most dislike?  
Incredible focus. Of course, it isn't the person's fault that the focus is on the wrong stuff (see #4 about being stubborn and opinionated).

How about you?


river song said...

wise wisdom in your #1--thanks for playing; Blessed Advent!

revkjarla said...

love the play. Platform Shoes. YES!!!