Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Into the prayer pool...

In a few minutes, I will go into the sanctuary and preside at our weekly Celtic Eucharist with healing prayers and anointing. I love this service, because of the informality and intimacy and the beauty of the prayers we offer. After folks receive communion, they may remain at the rail if they want to be anointed with healing oil and have a prayer offered for themselves or someone else in need of healing grace.

Some people might find it all a bit too like magic, but the power of touch to heal and comfort is something that has been known (and scientifically documented) for some time. It works for me, and for the people who attend this service, but I understand YMMV.

I often feel like I am entering into a wading pool when I offer such prayers, a pool of warmth and grace.

So today I invite you to join me in the pool. I'm praying for J, who just lost a dear animal companion who was her closest friend, for W, who is elderly and brilliant but appears to be losing his connection with the world around him, for B, who is in crisis in his ministry, for A, who is having a difficult recovery from surgery, and for M, who is, in the words of her granddaughter, in the departure lounge waiting her flight to God.

Who are you praying for today? Come into the pool - the water's fine.

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