Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunny Saturday

  • Another great session at St Giles' Gate this morning. Read about it here. Ideas keep burbling up about this ministry, and I have to stop and and remind myself to give everyone else in the church a chance to catch up. I just finished a brochure for the program, so we can share it with other churches and invite them to send their kids who might benefit from it.

  • This will be an intense week of writing - Seminarian and I will try to get the bulk of the plan for the Lakeside Clergy Free clinic on paper. I'll also have a bunch of stuff to do to clear the decks before leaving with our teens on the mission trip to Tazewell a week from tomorrow. Never enough hours in the week for all the stuff that could get done, but I'll try to prioritize, sort of.

  • I think I will repair to my workshop and do some icon writing. It's been a few weeks, which is a few weeks too many.

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