Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five: Gratitude

A great Friday Five from Jan:

"A wise person once told me to make an ABC list of things I am grateful for any time I feel sad or depressed. It is a good practice when one is feeling happier than that, too. So for this Friday Five, I suggest that you use your name or nickname of about five letters and express your gratitude about something that starts with each letter. Some people have longer names, so you decide how you will go about this! (Last names, middle names, and nicknames count!)"

M is for motherhood - the hardest and most wonderful job I've ever had.

I is for intellectual stimulation - which comes from so many different sources: conversations, books, classes, the world around me.

B is for beloved - my beloved is mine...what would I do without my wonderful husband, who lifts me up and applauds and reflects and works hard with me? I'd be a mess, for sure.

I is for interior life - the place I go with prayer and meditation. Sometimes it's a very dark room indeed. Other times it is the place of warmth and comfort. It is always there, though, and I always appreciate my time there.

T is for time. I'm older now than my father was when he was killed. I'm as old as my mother was when she had the first of a series of heart attacks that eventually led to her death. I've begun this work of ministry fairly recently, and I am so very grateful that I have the health and the time to live into this ministry. How long will I have? I don't know. We never do. But whatever time I have, I want to relish!

Bonus: You'll notice my blogname is mibi52, so I'll add something to this list by naming the gratitide I feel for 5 and 2.

5 - my five children. Three were born of my body, two came as part of the package with the husband. They are all very different people and are a delight.

2 - my two mothers. One gave birth to me with her body, one shaped me and formed me as a human being by her love. Thanks to both of them. I wouldn't be here, literally or figuratively, without them.


Wendy said...

I think it's interesting the different letters and thus words people have used to express gratitude for children/motherhood (Songbird's Offspring, my Daughter, your Motherhood, Bonnie's Babies--which is great grandchildren, but still...); we all get it in there.

Rev. Pink Dragon said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! I particularly love your "Bonus" offering :).

Sharon said...

"Interior life" is something I'm grateful for too. Well played!

Purple said...

Fun play...from one interior person to another.

Terri said...

I reflected on inferiority, too...and have wondered what the 52 in your blog name, thanks for sharing that! Good play.