Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five: Springing Forward

Jan gives the RevGals a great Friday Five:

"Whether we liked it or not, we all "sprang forward" with the change to daylight savings time in the USA this past Sunday. There is lightness and brightness slipping in as spring approaches, so let us consider what is springing forth in our lives right now.

Name 5 things that are springing forth, possibly including :
  • what you hope for
  • what you dread
  • what you observe
  • what is concrete
  • what is intangible"

1) Springing up? All sorts of new possibilities around our parish for helping others. We created a "Guerrilla God Squad," essentially a list-serve of folks who have skills and are willing to receive emails when there's a project that needs attention. The projects could be helping things for a parishioner who is unable to rake his own leaves, or painting a porch for an elderly neighbor, or serving food to the homeless one night. These are "one-off" service projects rather than the ongoing monthly or weekly mission activities we have already been doing. We are also creating a special "Saturday School" Christian Ed and worship program for children for whom regular Sunday School is not a good fit. It's based on Godly Play and we hope to do a "soft launch" this summer, with just a few children. Lastly, our neighborhood clergy association is trying to launch a free clinic, and I've become the point person for it.

2) Dread? I don't know which I dread more, that these new projects will fall flat on their little faces, or that they will get more customers than we can accommodate. The latter problem, of course, is the one we all wish to have, but it will still require an effort to respond to.

3) Observing some real excitement and energy around these projects - I worry sometimes that our little parish is taking on more than it can manage, but the Spirit seems to be moving people in a new way towards service, and it is scary/sweet.

4) That which is concrete: people doing stuff, stepping up, donating times, talent and treasure. That, along with the daffodils in my yard, makes me smile.

5) That which is intangible: people doing stuff WITHOUT FUSS OR MUSS, doing it with a smile on their faces, enjoying it, enjoying each other. A sense of possibilities, even in an interminably long Vestry meeting the other night. Colleagues who understand when I'm feeling overwhelmed and who encourage me to make Sabbath time for myself and to honor my own emotions around all this stuff.

Haven't done a Friday Five in a while, and this was a fun one to get back in the rhythm of memes. Thanks, Jan!

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