Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Off

With the exception of finishing the sermon for Sunday, this was a real, honest-to-goodness day off.

It was the first one in a while.

This is part of my Lenten discipline, keeping Sabbath time. I'm also leaving my laptop at the office most nights so I don't get sucked into work as I sit on the couch. I'm also not always answering the phone.

Some would say this is a denial of my call. But others would say this is a necessary thing to keep my mind and body whole.

Of course I will answer the phone if the caller ID suggests it is someone in trouble. One of the children of the parish was having a tonsillectomy today, and whenever the phone rang, I looked to see if - heaven forbid - it was one of C's parents.

I am slowly learning that much of what I do can be accomplished sufficiently (emphasis on that word) during normal working hours, and that after-hours is for my husband and for myself, unless there is an emergency.

Now I've got to start working on not feeling guilty about that.

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Rev Dr Mom said...

Taking time for yourself isn't denying your call. Failure to do so makes honoring your call more difficult because eventually you get worn out!