Saturday, January 08, 2011

Zeitgeist Score

Busy week. Some good, some bad.

The Bishop's visit last Sunday went splendidly. Seven confirmations, one reception, one baptism. Three generations of one family and two of another. Confirmation of the preteen who was nearly killed in a boating accident and suffered a brain trauma - aftereffects are hardly noticeable, TBTG. The Bishop loved our acolytes, our liturgical style, the warmth of our people, the beauty of the Christmas decorations. He did a good adult forum and a wonderful sermon, and guided me through the parts I was shaky about. Score=+10

Elderly parishioner chastised me about a liturgical matter while I was giving him Holy Communion at the altar rail. Score is a wash; -2 for the awful ridiculousness of the moment, +2 for the fact that I kept composure and was able to laugh about it later. Overall score= 0

Knee was hurting pretty badly from an injury a couple of weeks ago (and a re-injury a week later). Score=-5

My MIL and FIL had a lovely visit with us - their first to our new place - and PH and I were happy to show them around and take them for some funky Southern BBQ at Buz & Ned's. Score=+5

New format Epiphany evening service went reasonably well. Better attendance than in past years, and people seemed to like it. Score=+2

Our Champagne and Chocolate party Chez Mibi for the Vestry went well, and the house is now clean as a result. It seems we only clean these days when we've got guests coming. Says something about how busy our lives are. Score=+3

Our remaining cat (cat#1 died of complications of osteosarcoma a couple of months ago) has been diagnosed with lymphoma, which explains her weight loss and vomiting. Hard to imagine that we would lose our two cats to two different types of cancer within a year. Sigh. Score= -10

PH's car started acting up. Score= -2
The fix was easier and cheaper than we expected. Score= +3

The fix caused another problem, so the car had to go back to the shop. Score= -2
The fix to the fix also turned out to be minor, and they fixed it for free. Score= +1

On the way to drop PH off to retrieve his car after this final fix, my car's serpentine belt snapped, and we limped back to the house. It will need to be towed to the repair shop on Monday - I'm hoping it will be fixed the same day, but who knows, and who knows how much it will cost? And the fact that our two cars cr@pped out one after the other shortly after our two cats became ill one after the other has not escaped me. Feel like Joe Btflspk from "Li'l Abner," with a cloud over my head. Score=-5

StrongOpinions' ATM card was shut off because of a security breach while she was visiting friends in Mile-High warning or anything. When we called the bank, they said, "Well, we're sending you a letter and a replacement card with a new number." Doesn't much help when you are a couple thousand miles away from home. Score= -10

Orthopedist says the good news is that the knee is not a blown ACL, more likely a torn meniscus. Score= +5 for no blown ACL, -5 for torn meniscus that may yet need surgery, -2 for ongoing pain while I do therapy to strengthen it and hopefully improve the chance that I don't need surgery. Overall score on this one= -2

Sermon done and Adult Forum even more remarkably done before 9:30 pm tonight. Score= +2

Overall state of the zeitgeist Chez Mibi: -10

No wonder I feel sorta beat up.

Tomorrow is another day for me, my dead car, and my oh-so-stylish Frankenstein-brand knee brace.

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Reverend Ref + said...

It seems we only clean these days when we've got guests coming.

Remember: Nothing says "clean" like Company.