Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling my way along the path...

Yes, it's supposed to be my day off, but I have spent much of the day doing work stuff from home (completing the sermon and the Adult Ed program, dealing with a person who wanted to do something that was inappropriate, and the aftermath of my naming that, thinking about dinner conversation tonight with my new and wonderful Sr and Jr Warden, thinking about eleventy-thousand other things including the women's retreat in a few weeks).

It's true that much of what I feel most in the dark about (thus the title of this post) are things that cannot be taught in Seminary, or even in past work experiences, but days like today, when the in-the-dark feeling is at a higher level than normal, are really tiring.

SO I guess I'd really better pay attention to things like days off. And really do them. And not feel guilty about them. Or not as much.

StrongOpinions is on her way down for a weekend visit. Yeah, that'll take me to a different place. Not necessarily a more peaceful place, mind you, but different, and that's a useful thing.

The dining room Chez Mibi is now a different place...I painted it (see picture). It has moved from the realm of beige and white to the empire of claret and white. Now I get to fantasize about the drapes I will make to go with the new coat of paint. Sweet!


Mary Beth said...

I was thinking of you on the weekend with the visit. :)

Your home beautification is inspiring!!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Reading this late, but I want to encourage you (as I've heard others do, and as one who needs to remember this herself) to take your day off as down time and NOT feel guilty about it. Not at all. Martyrdom is not part of our ordination vows :) And we'll never get it ALL done anyway.