Monday, October 26, 2009

Mondays, Busy Mondays

Things that have gotten done thus far today:

Had my physical this morning. New doctor, very sharp and funny Indian woman - I miss my beloved Dr P, who had ably gotten me through some difficult medical issues, but she does not participate as a PCP in my new insurance. Grrrr. C'mon, single-payer system! Yes, I know, but a girl can dream. Got everything done except the mammosquish and the bone-density test, which will be next week. I'm hoping/expecting the various blood tests all look good.

Did my survey for the Second Three Years program (a continuing program of education, support and mentoring for those of us who just graduated from seminary) how do you calculate what percentage of your average week is spent being a role model? I kid you not, that was one of the questions.

Did my expense report for the trip up to the Garden State last week. It's remarkable how much just driving up there and back costs, what with tolls and all. Almost $20 in each direction for the various tolls, even with EZPass. Thanks be to God that the good people there are paying for it.

Did my suggestion list for the ordination ceremony (shhhh! we're not supposed to say the words out loud until the Standing Committee approves us.)

Sent out a bunch of emails about a whole different raft of things.

Mailed off the prescription refills and a thank-you note to the Bishop from up north.

Made a loaf of Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread. It is now cooling on a rack. It smells wickedly good. MUST.NOT.EAT.IT. (yet)

Things left to do:

Start the two sermons for Sunday (regular service, funeral).

Start the Adult Forum - lectio divina as a form of contemplative prayer.

Do a load of laundry (bless PH, who did most of the laundry this weekend).

Swap out winter and summer clothes, making a pile of that which will never fit again for Goodwill.

Finish planning prayer service for the next Fresh Start meeting (all done except the music piece).

Make order out of the chaotic piles of books and papers in the living room.

Figure out what's happening with StrongOpinions' student loan balance, which is lost in the ozone somewhere.

Make a batch of lasagna (half to go in the freezer) for dinner tonight and another night to be determined later.

Find someplace in the area which has the injectable H1N1 vaccine for me.

Update: started the laundry, made an apple pie (a form of procrastination), dealt with some bills. I think it's time to sit down and do nothing for a half hour.

I am praying for the repose of the soul of my dear friend R...still sad that she got sick and died before I even knew she was ill. A big generous heart, and a big beautiful mezzo voice, and a big prairie-wide smile. I miss her.


Rev Dr Mom said...

When I interviewed here, I was stunned when they paid me mileage (@ 0.55 per mile) instead of just reimbursing me for my gas. It was nice for me, but awfully expensive for them.

When will you hear?

mibi52 said...

Vestry is meeting with the Canon to the Ordinary on Thursday. I would expect I would hear within a week of that meeting, but I could be wrong. They seem to move at a glacial pace, but they are getting pressure now from the parishioners to make an announcement. Of course, they could offer it to the other candidate and leave me sitting in silence until they get a definite answer from him/her...but I'm sure hoping it goes in the other direction. PH is also interviewing for a position near there. We're trying hard to just pray for God's will...I'm sublimating by cooking and eating. At least I'm consistent.