Friday, October 30, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Blehs

It is Friday, and cool and gray. I have worked my way through a mountain of work, of writing, of house stuff, and should feel very accomplished.

It all is for naught, because I am in Wait State. I don't do Wait State well, and PH is away until Sunday afternoon, so I am imitating a hermit, sorta. I am actually exercising daily, and cooking myself healthy food rather than simply turning into a heap o' carbs, so I'm sure that all helps.

The good news is that I'll be going to a birthday party for a dear friend tonight, whom I admire more than words can say. (If we finally pass a health care reform bill, it will largely be due to his advocacy work.) The bad news is that my tolerance for large crowds is limited when I am in Wait State, so we shall see how long I last at the party before I say "enough!" After the twelfth person says "have you heard yet from ....?" I about want to slap 'em, which isn't approved-of behavior.

Tomorrow is the funeral of dear friend R, so I'll go to a pre-funeral lunch at K's house, then go to church. Haven't decided if I will sing with the at funerals always gets to me, and this one will be a hard one. Might be easier to simply sit in the pew for this one. No icon - writing, which I could really use this week. When I get back home, I think I will work on the tracing of the Saint Nicholas that I'll be writing next...a good way to spend a rainy Halloween afternoon, before the wee goblins come to fetch candy.

And Sunday will be a very long day, indeed. At some point in my ministry, I may get over the tension that precedes presiding at memorial services, but for now, it is part and parcel of the work. May the service be a comfort to all who come, and may I not get in the way of God's work among them.

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