Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Updates

This weekend is the COnference on Ministry at Bog Old Seminary. Prospective students and their partners/spouses/parents/significants come for the weekend. Last night was the dinner and Eucharist (I conducted the choir), today they've been in various and sundry meetings and on tours, then will have dinner at faculty or students homes, then we'll have the variety show tonight. since we will move out of this seminary off-campus housing in June (assuming I get a job), we opened up our place for an off-campus housing tour. We had about 40 folks walk through, I think. They had clearly hit information overload by the afternoon, poor things, but I hope they liked what they saw. Not that we've got a dog in that fight, but since we fixed up the basement, we'd like to see a seminary family get the benefit instead of the property management company.

Looking at their faces, I remembered what it was like for us three years ago. So many fears, so many questions. Remarkable that we've come so far. A gift of God's grace.

I got to meet David, who frequently lurks here and occasionally speaks up, and his lovely bride, who will most likely be at BOS next year. What a pleasure!

So I'm spending Valentine's night singing a bowdlerized version of "A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd for the variety show. Not quite as romantic as I'd like - PH and I are going out for dinner on Wednesday night to have our personal, belated Valentines Day celebration, but fun nonetheless. I will miss this place, and these people.

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David said...

Rev2BMibi, it was a thrill to meet you. I'm glad you're doing well post-surgery. It was a full conference. Tonight, I finally found someone working toward the Licentiate in Theology like me. Visiting BOS was like coming home. It's how Heart Of My Heart and I met when our Dads were there 35 years ago. God willing, I'll be there in August. Peace be with you & PH during your search/placement. Cheers.