Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sunlight on a February Day

This morning it was gently snowing. Beautiful, but cold and gray. All I could think of, after his recent visit, was how when Litigator was just 1, one of his earlist words was "snow." He didn't say it as "snow," though - it was more like "schnooooo." How he morphed that pronunciation, heaven only knows, but it was quite remarkable. Just thinking of it makes me smile, even as I've been shivering with the cold.

So all morning, with the various classes and such, we were wrapped in wintry raw cold. But now in the late afternoon, we've got some sunshine. This is a hellacious busy day, with one thing right on top of another, but that sunshine has given me just enough extra oomph to make it through.

I've got to go over to the hospital for one more pre-op screening test. Drat. I will be so glad to have this over with.

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