Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet (spoken in Monty Pythonesque British Accent)

So last week I was away all week at Interim Ministry class. Great class, delightful colleagues, drinking games while watching the VP debate. What could be better?

Back on campus, academic convocation, writing several pages worth of thesis, doing a lot of convocation-related musical stuff, writing two papers, doing a few hours of preliminary project design on the big research project, reading vast quantities of Anglican theologians and even vaster quantities of Matthean scholarship.
Remind me again why I'm doing a thesis when it's not required.
Remind me again why I'm doing a Scriptural thesis with one of the toughest, most brilliant teachers on this campus.
Remind me again why I'm doing a New Testament thesis when I studied Greek only in a passing way, and while here at Big Old Seminary I studied Hebrew deeply.
Must be the medications...

At home, trying to ignore how messy it looks, actually getting a little exercise in every morning, despairing over the weight-loss plateau, praying for a certain tall man to win the election.

Help. I'm only writing in participial phrases. Where have all my grammatical scruples gone?


Rev Dr Mom said...

I have to say that I bailed on my thesis at the last possible moment--I sorely underestimated the stress of senior year, especially the job-hunting part.

I hope yours goes better! Matthew is my favorite gospel.

Mary Beth said...

I, also, am a thesis-bailer. Though for a different degree. It meant I had to take qualifying exams!!! which I didn't have to do under the first degree plan. But it was worth it.

But you will not bail. Same reason as the answer to "Why are you doing all that?" Because you are BRILLIANT. Really. I am not the only one who knows it!

Sorry about the plateau. Me, too, except when I'm going up!!! holy crow.

mibi52 said...

Thanks for the good words, friends. The conjunction of writer's block and weight loss plateau is a particularly cruel one, but this too shall pass.

I had a good meeting with my advisor for the thesis and she liked what I had written thus far, but it is painfully slow right now. Too late for me to bail, so I'll just plod through step by step. Or word by word. Or bird by bird, as Anne Lamott says.