Monday, October 27, 2008

Gray Monday

This morning I drove two visiting professors from India out to the big international airport. They had been teaching this past quarter, and had mucho baggage. Four giant suitcases, two rollaboards, and a laptop briefcase. Fortunately, I took PH's little Volvo wagon, and we fit most of it in the back, plus one big suitcase bungee-corded to the roof. My thesis advisor, a friend of theirs, rode along for the ride. Thank goodness, there wasn't much traffic.

Then Thesis Advisor and I rode back to work on the latest section of the thesis. Good things to say, some wise suggestions on style and methodology, a plan for next steps. I am so blessed to have her as my thesis advisor. She thinks I may actually be on to something very interesting and new (or not; time and further research will tell). It's gratifying to hear that I'm making good progess and that she likes my work. She seemed worried that I would be discouraged by her critical suggestions. No, heck, no! I'm glad to hear what will make this thing better.

I'm feeling a bit like a cold is coming on. I hope not - it wouldn't be a good way to start the second quarter, and I have a boatload of writing to do in the next two weeks. Perhaps it's just change of seasons, a very gray and chilly day (44 degrees right now - this time yesrday it was 68), being tired with the political ads.

It's great having PH home again from his conference - the house always feels so empty when he's away, even though I got to do some "chick" stuff, liking going to the movies with my friend L and watching some Netflix stuff that PH wouldn't have enjoyed. Also managed to do some housecleaning/organizing to make it look a little less like the library the tornado ripped through.

I think it's time to take a nap.

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