Monday, November 05, 2007


Not enough hours in the day.
Too many pages to read.
Too many pages to write.
Not adjusted to Daylight Savings Time yet.

Agita around Big Old Seminary about blogospheric nonsense. A purported conservative seminarian posted on one of the very anti-ECUSA blogs about a gay student forum and how conservative students are kept muzzled at Big Old Seminary. The initial post was sad, but the response threads that followed bordered on the pathological. Ah, well, it was emblematic of the difficulties we face these days.

I find myself wondering which of my fellow students (if indeed it was a BOS student) posted it. Even more, I find myself wondering how I can respond to someone who couldn't gather the courage to speak out to his or her fellow students.

Naive me.


Lauralew said...

Hi Mibi, I got an email this am from another of my BOS pals with the link and I am just sick. Many of those comments were incredibly ugly. I always found BOS to be a safe place for whatever and I think people who say it isn't just don't want to be challenged on their beliefs. Example, if someone says, "Well, I think Jesus says to love everyone," then that person might say, "BOS is not a safe place for me if I don't like those with alternative lifestyles." Please.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Yep, I read that particular thread. As most things are at that site, it sounded like much was made of something not really controversial. So it goes in the Anglican world these days.

And more than likely, if it doesn't happen at Nashotah or Trinity, something something will be found to criticize no matter what the event.