Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CPE Related Notes

The car is fixed, so if I get called in while I'm on call, I can use my own vehicle. It turned out that I didn't spear the oil pan with a random stick - said stick merely shredded the serpentine belt, which then whacked the whoozis out of the oil lines. The resultant mess required a new serpentine belt and oil lines, but no new oil pan. It did require a spa treatment to get all the oil off the Saab's engine, but now it's clean and well-moisturized.

In our group work today I accomplished something major for me - I told someone they were exasperating me. Shocking, aren't I?

Still not breaking through in conversation with the teen AIDS patient. If I were the patient, I'm not sure I'd feel much like talking with anyone either. It may be clinical depression. Slow going.

I'm leading a prayer and meditation service on thankfulness tomorrow. Once that's done, I have a presentation to make on child abuse in the congregational setting and one more verbatim to write. Remarkable it's almost all done.

Time to go upstairs and read Harry Potter. Don't know if I'll get through the full 100 pages I've been allowing myself nightly, since I'm pretty tired. Gosh, it's a good book! My daytime reading is Harriet Lerner's "The Dance of Anger." I'm getting in touch with my inner exasperatedness...

No matter how challenging the day has been, I still am so high over the birth of the grandbaby, nothing can get me down!

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Mary Beth said...

hooray for you on the exasperation honesty. that's a big one for me.