Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday CPE Dots

  • Going on rounds with the docs is interesting, even though I only understand about five pct of what they say. They are very patient with me tagging along.

  • Sometimes people just don't want to talk with you.

  • Some sick kids are not going to get well. That rots.

  • I can handle just about any kind of trauma except third-degree burns.

  • Having a glass or two of wine and conversation with a dear friend that makes my bedtime 11 pm is not good (as much as I've missed talking with said dear friend) when I need to catch the 7 am bus the next day.

  • CPE group conversations where we're reminded we're inherently racist somehow don't seem helpful to me.

  • If I have to listen to much more New Age mediocre music for Prayer and Meditation Time I may trash the boombox. Yes, I'm a music snob. I suppose I should be glad it's not "Jesus is my boyfriend" praise music.

  • I better lose some weight quick - my clothing choices are very limited right now, and it really stinks.

  • My favorite 7 year old prophet and his little bro (the patient) may be going home tomorrow. Some day I'll tell you the story in a way that protects their privacy.

  • When it's 90 plus degrees out when I come home at 7 pm, I'm not exercising. Just don't have it in me. So if I'm not as thin as a sylph by September, suddenly I just don't give a flying wazoo.


cheesehead said...

I had an internship supervisor who used to want to sit me in a small room each week (her office, of course) and ask me if I'd realized yet just what a racist and homophobe I was.

This person had the power to make it so I did not finish my degree, so I had to just take it.

Cathy said...

It was 98 degrees at 8:30 this evening here - don't blame you for not exercising in the heat!

You have been tagged at my web site!

reverendmother said...

Blessings on CPE. I had a good experience, but ah, the group dynamics... I am having a PTSD response just thinking about it.