Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CPE Random Dots: Week 3.5

  • Sometimes the smallest babies are so fierce - they fight the nurses who are trying to give them various kinds of treatments. Food, however, is NEVER refused. It may be spit up, but it's never refused.
  • Not having any Spanish is really frustrating for me. I have to use the interpreters and one of the other chaplain interns to translate. As a mother, I know what the Hispanic moms are asking by their body language and where they're pointing, but I am unable to respond. Bah!
  • Parents telegraph their anxiety to their kids, and it makes it harder on everyone. I wonder how much I did that when my own kids were in the hospital for one thing or another. One dad is worried his child isn't get enough attention, and gets pretty hostile with the staff. His wife is sitting there, and is giving off a vibe that says, "Please don't punish my child just because my husband is out of control right now." I wish there really was a "chill pill" we could give them to calm their fears, but all I can do is pray and be a calm presence.
  • I'm grateful I've been assigned a less acute unit in addition to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. It's a relief to go talk with families where the kids are getting better rapidly after spending time with ones where the kids are dreadfully sick and will probably only get marginally better.
  • I will really need a vacation when this is over.

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Sophia said...

Hi Mibi!

I haven't commented in a while (it's this darn CPE thing!) but I've been thinking about you.

I'm dealing with all adults but yikes, this CPE thing is hard sometimes. I do really like lots of things about it though. I too have a cardiac care unit, which I love, but again, it's all adults. I've also got a surgery floor, ambulatory surgery, and PACU (recovery room). I've seen more scars, incisions, stitches, evidence of plates, screws, and replaced knees, and people on ventilators and heart monitors than anyone should see in one lifetime. But I'm doing okay. It's amazing what the Spirit gives us the ability to do. Sometimes it's like I've stepped outside of my body and a chaplain has taken over - it's crazy! Other times, I just can't seem to get things right with patients. It's hard to know why or how or when it will happen.

Ah yes, CPE. Gotta love it... or something. :-)