Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CPE Day One - Random Dots

  • taking a bus and the metro (switching trains once) takes about an hour.
  • driving takes about 45 minutes, but is infinitely more stressful, particularly if there is a traffic jam in the 395 tunnel. I think the public transportation, besides being more enviro-friendly, will be the sane choice.
  • having a diverse (age, ethnicity, gender, denomination) group of CPE interns is good, except we all have different terminology around certain things. It'll take a while to get that straightened out.
  • cafeteria food is equally mediocre in hospitals and in seminaries.
  • lectures after lunch are never a good idea.
  • whoever designs hospitals has a thing for mazes.
  • hospital PA announcements are about as clear as train station PA announcements.
  • comfortable shoes are a necessity. I'm trying the Crocs MaryJanes tomorrow. Definitely no high heels!

1 comment:

Rev Dr Mom said...

Try Danskos. They are the best!