Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are We There Yet?

I finished two more papers over the past three days. One more to go. Still facing one enormous OT exam and the final Hebrew exam, which shouldn't be scary but is. Classes end next Tuesday, and my exams are on the 11th and the 15th. It is hard to believe this year's almost over. Even harder to believe that my friends in the senior class won't be here next year. Even harder still that we juniors will be the experienced, wise middlers to the new junior class come August term.

I'm feeling like I now can "read" my professors - what they like in terms of writing style, how they evaluate us, what they mean in their assignments. Not perfectly, to be sure, but I feel much less disoriented than I did ten months ago. Of course, that sense of disorientation will start anew with CPE, and Field Ed, and a new batch of classes in September.

But now I know where to get a cup of coffee, and that the snacks they sell in the bookstore are half the price of the ones in the vending machine.

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Eliz F said...

It is REALLY FUN to be the wise ones. You will love it. Middler year is great because you aren't worrying about transitioning TO seminary/finding a field ed and CPE site etc. or dealing with senior stressors of GOEs and job search and transitioning OUT of seminary.

I can't believe I am almost finished...eeeeeeeeek...