Friday, January 12, 2007

Sunday on Friday

As I mentioned before, the main church service at Epiphany is Friday morning, so today was our big family Eucharist. Most folks have now returned from their holidays either in their home countries or in another exotic place (this is the norm for expats). The children have returned to school. The church was packed, including new baby Roshan, who is 5 days old, and just adorable. None of the acolytes showed up (teenagers are the same everywhere in the world, it seems), so I served as acolyte. Every priest does something a little different, so I was a bit graceless in serving Father Ian, but I was glad to help. I even got to distribute the bread at communion, a first for me. I also did Prayers of the People. A number of members have agreed to be interviewed for my project, which is a blessing.

What a variety of people we have in this church! A Danish engineer, a Nigerian neurosurgeon, a Sri Lankan chauffeur, an American professor, an Indonesian nurse, a Canadian stay-at-home mom, a Ghanaian accountant, an Indian maxillofacial surgeon... such interesting, welcoming people.

Today will be a quiet day. The boys' school behind the house, normally alive with the sound of soccer-playing little guys, is silent. My brother-in-law should be coming back from India tonight. We may go exercise in the afternoon. The next three days will be rock-'em sock'em with the American and British visitors. I need to write up my first interviews before I forget what is in my mind in between the cracks of the notes I've written. I can't believe I'm almost at the halfway point of the trip!

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