Monday, January 22, 2007

Doing the Religion Thing

I preached (see it in all its verbose glory below) on Friday morning, when Rishan was baptized (c'est moi at left with the wonderful baby and his parents, Dr. Suresh and Dr. Annu), and last night for the Sunday Evening Prayer Service.

Note to self: when preaching at a pulpit this high, wear high heels and make sure there is a riser to stand on.

Once every few weeks, the Sunday service is the prayer service rather than Eucharist. A lovely peaceful time. The congregation gave me a book about Qatar as a going-away present. They also made a number of kind comments about the sermon. A little scary preaching before I've had any formal homiletics training. Then again, fools rush in...

I've been blessed to be here and to have this experience. I still have a few more interviews to conduct (an excellent one today at lunch with an American couple who are quite insightful folks). How do I begin to put this experience down on paper?

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Cathy said...

The picture of you and the couple with their baby is beautiful.

What a wonderful opportunity you are having to do this!