Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Home Stretch

Survived the Hebrew mid-term today. Survived the Liturgics final and the Old Testament mid-term yesterday. Survived the Church Music take-home final last week. Only the New testament final awaits. Tomorrow morning. All Paul, all the time. Since we have yet to receive ANY of our written work back from this prof - didn't get our mid-term back either - we are all shooting in the dark in rpeparing for this examination. If I didn't love his lectures so much, I'd really be ticked.

I've worked with a wonderful study group on this material, but I still feel somewhat lost on preparing for it. The possible essay questions are so broad-ranging I hardly know where to begin. Oh, well, in another day it will all be past me, and then I'll be on to the next thing.

On a less stressful note, I've got all the gifts wrapped except for the hom-knit ones, and I'll get the last of them done within 48 hours (Litigator's skullcap). I think I am ready for a rest.

Then again, the Hebrew prof gave us homework...


Anonymous said...

HOMEWORK?? That Grinch!

mibi52 said...

His logic is that, unless we practice, we will lose our facility with the language since we won't have Hebrew during January term and won't see him until just before February. There's some trugh to that. Even so, BAH HUMBUG! Means I'll have to bring my Hebrew book with me to the Middle East (I'm sure the security screeners in an Islamic country will love that).

Not only did he give us homework, but he will be giving us a quiz on the first day back to school.

Sophia said...

Are you all done your finals?

Time to celebrate - we made it through our first semester in seminary!!!!!!

Now we are in the already/not yet of Christmas Break...

(Had to throw that in there since we both just got tested on Paul)


mibi52 said...

Sophia, yes, I'm all done! NT was the last - an essay based upon a verse from "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (you know the one - were not the right man on our side, etc) and how it reflects Paul's view of the human condition, his understanding of justification, and his vision of the state of restored humanity in Romans. We had 90 minutes to write it - I could have taken a couple of months on it. He wanted citations from Romans plus other relevant citations from the homologoumena. I churned out almost three pages before I wrapped it up. I think my treatment of the last section was a bit weak, but I hope he'll like the rest of it. Now I'm waiting for PH to get home so we can go out and celebrate. Just five more semesters to go!

I celebrated the end of the semester by going to the public library and getting four trashy books to read over the next week and a half. Bliss!