Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ah, Saturday Night!

We did reasonably well at our Seminary Choir Messiah sing-along last night. It was a full house in the chapel. My singing of the soprano solos was well-received. Given that the other soloists were our choir director ( a tenor with an international reputation in his younger days as a specialist in early music) and two young people with vocal performance degrees from two of the best conservatories in the country, I was grateful to have not embarrassed myself. It was somewhat disconcerting to look up and see several of my professors in the audience. . .

Today was a whirlwind of various and sundry errands, but I got to icon-writing in the midst of it. St. Peter is two or three weeks away from being done. I'll post a pic of him when he's finished. I'd like to get him done before I go to the Middle East for January term and my independent study project. I'm trying to decide which icon I'll do next. I'd like to do a St Paul, but I'm also intrigued by the possibility of doing a Sophia. We shall see.

I was pleased to finish phase two of my NT exegesis paper. This part was word study. I was grateful to have studied Greek before getting to seminary - it made the research much more understandable. it was supposed to be five pages, but I barely kept the text of the paper to eight. It actually was something of a gas to do. Am tunring into an exegesis geek?

I'm up ten pounds since I started seminary, whch is annoying. It's mostly due to a lack of exercise. I'm lucky to get seven hours of sleep, much less add in 30-40 minutes of exercise. I suppose I should make the time. I'm not able to get all of the reams of reading assignments done (I'm not alone amongst my classmates in that regard) so it feels strange to be thinking of trying to fit exercise in as well.

I got brave and went to Costco for some household odds'n'ends, plus winter socks for StrongOpinions out in the cold and snow of Colorado, and gifts for the grandbabies. The crowds were not too bad, and I got out without buying anything stupid or ridiculously self-indulgent. I even got StrongOpinions' package mailed (including rolls of quarters for the laundromat - why she can't get to the bank herself, I don't know, but that aspect of living on her own hasn't quite settled yet).

Short ribs are braising on the stove, and I'm just about ready to crash for the night. Tomorrow I'll go check out another possible field ed site, and in the evening go to a showing of "The Ten Commandments." Believe it or not, it's an assignment for my OT class...

...and maybe somewhere in there, my dear usband and I will get to actually sit and talk to each other. What a concept!


reverendmother said...

Do you invisible internet friends get a vote? Because I vote for Sophia.

Quotidian Grace said...

Congratulations on the Messiah! One of the highlights of my life was having the chance to sing those solos with combined church choirs and an orchestra.

As for the paper, I've always been fascinated with St. Paul. For what it's worth.

Sophia said...

Congrats on the Messiah singing - sounds like it went really well!

I am SO voting for Sophia as the next icon... ;-)

Hang in there - the semester is almost over (note to self - take advice to heart!)

I'm working on an exegesis re: 1st Cor passages on the Lord's Supper and also Jacob wrestling the angel (or God, or whoever the commentator wants it to be depending on the source I'm in). 10-12 pages each. Ugh. Also writing a paper on principalities and powers.

Law student is going crazy w/ finals prep and I too look forward to talking to my other half sometime this year.

Cathy said...

I vote for Sophia -- it's the name of our Daughters of the King Chapter!
Oh and singing solo for the Messiah is pretty darn cool! Some of those pieces...not so easy.