Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Again

...into our new place, that is. We moved yesterday (one of the hottest days of the year). Thank goodness we used movers rather than trying to do the UHaul thing. As it was, I thought a couple of the moving guys would pass out any moment with heatstroke. It took from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., which isn't all that bad considering they had to retrieve most of our worldy possessions from the storage place. We cleaned ourselves up, made the bed, and went out to dinner.

The cats are moved in and are adjusting to their new home, we went back and cleaned the old place to ready it for the walk-through, and the stereo and computer are up and the kitchen is almost functional. Only a couple of nonessential small things got broken. We're fortunate.

We've unpacked about 40 boxes thus far, with most of the important ones unpacked. I'll slowly wend my way through some more, and then I'll stop, and the remianing stuff will probably stay in boxes for the next three years, and I won't really care.

Tomorrow is settlement day for the old place. I pray it all goes smoothly. I'll be glad to get this part of it done.


Cathy said...

I have just done a move also - and still working on it - now we close this week - will pray for you and your family!

Kathryn said...

Well done...another hurdle cleared. Lots of prayers for happiness in the new home, and for the adventure that lies ahead.

Songbird said...

The first few moves of my adult life were all on incredibly hot days, and they came three summers in a row. No fun! But how good it must feel to be in your new space, beginning new things. Blessings to you in your new home.

reverendmother said...

Blessings on this adventure!