Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sheetrocking - done
1st coat of joint compound - done
Lining the cabinets with plastic sheeting - done
Hanging the towel rack - done
Putting the water filter on the faucet - done
Closets emptied - done

Most important:

Moving Moses the gecko to his new home - DONE!

He is riding over there now with PH in StrongOpinions' Saabie. The cats will go after the movers are done on Saturday.

Today will be sanding the joint compound, putting on another coat of it, and painting the other walls of the basement. Plus carting a ton o' stuff over in the car (fax machine, office stuff, more fragile things, etc.) I'll make one stop in PetSmart for crickets for Moses and one stop at Goodwill to drop off assorted cast-offs.

After we got back home last night, PH got up on the tall ladder to put a skim coat of spackle on the bad spot in the hallway ceiling. Tonight he'll sand that and we'll paint it (hopefully it will be the final time). Meanwhile the pest control and repair folks are fixing the one part that they needed to do after the termite inspection.

The repair men showed up at 7:45 this morning, two short, dark Central American guys, very friendly and polite, who set to work right away and should be done soon. Most of the workmen who have helped us get the house ready for sale are like these two - from Central America, hardworking, sweet-natured. They do good work and they're clearly glad to have a job. It got me to thinking about this whole immigration debate, and wondering what it would be like around here if these folks weren't part of the workforce. It would certainly mean it would take longer to get things done. I know the issue is more complicated than justthis small slice of it, but I would hate to see guys like this (I don't know if they're legal or not) get shipped off just for someone's political posturing.

Off to pack some more stuff-


reverendmother said...

Blessings on you in the midst of all this change!

Sophia said...

Congratulations to Moses the gecko on his new home! Does he have an accent like that Geico gecko, or does he speak Northern Virginian? :-)

Sounds like things are really moving along. Yay!

Thanks to your post I just remembered another thing to add to the to do list - the exterminator for the powder post beetles in our basement. Whew! Glad I stopped by!

mibi52 said...

Moses is very quiet most of the time, except when he comes down from the mountain with Commandments on tablets...glad to be of assistance with the exterminator!

Thanks for the good words, RM. Hope Miss M deigns to let you sleep tonight.

Progress report: we got the masonry walls painted and PH got the grid for the ceiling tiles about 1/2way done. The masonry walls had to be done with a brush since they were so old and pitted, which made for slow work. Glad to get that part done. i'll prime the sheetrocked walls tomorrow, and if they dry quickly I may even get the actual paint on. PH will finish the ceiling grid and begin the electrical work, I expect. And we'll carry another bunch of assorted stuff over there. I discovered today that there are no phone jacks anywhere. Aarrrggghhh! I need one in my office for the DSL line. As dear RM would say, GAH!