Monday, May 29, 2006

From Jackson Hole, WY

I'm back from several days junket at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the Grand Teton National Park. C'est moi in the first picture, in front of the iconic Tetons. Mt. Moran on the right, reflected in a little offshoot of the Snake River.

This is cowboy country, where everyone wears cowboy hats and boots and no one looks dorky in them. This was an "attagirl trip" sponsored by my employer, as a thank you for the best performers of the past year. We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort, ate like well-fed cattle, were massaged and facialed, and took tour of the park. PH rode a bike with another colleague and had a fine time. I hiked up the mountain behind the resort, upto the snowline, and tried to imagine skiing there in winter. Yes, there is still snow atop the mountains there. 80 deg F during the day, 29 deg F at night. A nice little vacation before we enter our vow of poverty and seminary...

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