Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short: the RevGal Festive Friday Five on Saturday

1. Describe a memorable conference, retreat, workshop or convention you've attended.
Our annual parish women's retreat is always so wonderful; it's led by a lay woman who has has extensive training in facilitating contemplative prayer, and she does a great job of taking us to deep sometimes painful places. It's also in a very quiet place with a serene view of the river. We tend to get slightly rowdy by Saturday night when we have our social time (after our evening session). Morning Prayer on Sunday morning outside in the very cold morning under the statue of Christ overlooking the river is special indeed.

2. Tell us about a memorable speaker or preacher you've heard.

A few weeks ago, PH and I went to hear a panel at National Cathedral honoring Frederick Buechner on the occasion of his 80th birthday and his latest book, "Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons." To hear Buechner, Tom Long, Barbara Bradford Taylor, and Gene Sutton all speak...priceless. To chat with them afterwards...humbling and joyful.

3. Do you attend all of the scheduled events, or play hooky? If the latter, what do you do with your free time?

At the women's retreat, it's a small group, so it's hard to play hooky. Nor do I want to. At the parish retreat at Shrinemont, I've been known to take a break to read a book or take a nap. At bankers' conferences, I often play hooky to sit by the pool, or have a conversation with a friend, or read. Guess that shows where my priorities are, and I'm good with that!

4. Do you like having a roommate or would you rather have a room to yourself?

Generally, I prefer my own space, unless I'm going to the conference with Ph or an old friend with whom I know I'm compatible (read: someone who can put up with me getting up VERY early to read or pray.)

5. What's the most exotic location you've conferenced or retreated?

I guess Savannah, GA. Most of the conferences or retreats I've gone to have been in major metro areas in the US. Nothing anywhere near as exotic as places I've visited for family or fun. I'm hoping to do a retreat at Mepkin Abbey one of these days. Christ in the Desert in New Mexico is also supposed to be amazing. We'll see what we can manage.

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