Saturday, April 29, 2006

Packing Wars

I'm up to almost 120 boxes. PH is out of town at a conference, so I'm packing alone. (boohoo)

I'm leaving town for a conference tomorrow night, so he gets to do some by himself while I'm gone. Not 120 boxes, though. The good news is that so much stuff will be out of the house for the showing that when we are ready to move, the second round of packing will take no time.

Last night I had a movie fest - went to Blockbuster and got three movies. Watched two last night and one early this morning. One of last night's was "Ushpizin", about a childless poor Chasid couple in Jerusalem during Succoth. Wonderful, wonderful movie, though not for kids under 13 because of some violent behavior. The second movie was "Proof," about a brilliant but insane mathematician and his equally brilliant daughter, who may also be falling victim to the same mental illness. Troubling, interesting, not your usual Hollywood fare, and it got me over my belief that Gwyneth Paltrow can't act. This morning I watched "Rent" and sang along loudly (I've already got the soundtrack on DC and love some of the music) while I changed the sheets on the bed and cleaned the bathroom.

Saturday is icon-writing day. I'm in the home stretch on my "John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan." One or two more sessions and it should be done. Since there are so many figures (John, Jesus, four angels) plus two mountains, the river, fishes and sea snakes, much of it is painted with size 0, 00, and 000 brushes. I was doing details of the hair today and thought my eyes would just give up entirely. I think the next one will be a simple (?) head and shoulders portrait of St. Peter. Doing something large-format like that without all the detail will be a relief.

I'm going to a friend's for dinner. I'm looking forward to having someone else cook dinner, particularly since she's a great cook!

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St. Casserole said...

What an industrious time you're having! So many boxes and things to do!

I wish I could go to the icon class.