Saturday, April 15, 2006


Last night, StrongOpinions' boyfriend, Semi-Useless Boyfriend (we have revised our opinion of him a bit and upgraded him from Useless to Semi-Useless) and his friend R joined us for dinner. SUL has been a bit intimidated by us (US????) and hasn't visited over here much since they started dating. He used to be a buddy of son#2, StoneMason, and I knew him then. StrongOpinions called me from work yesterday morning to let me know what I should cook. Pasta Al Forno for SUL, potatoes with some sort of cheese for R, and some sort of chicken, and something with green olives for SUL.

So I cooked massive quantities of carbohydrate-laden foods, the chicken with green olive topping from Epicurious, made a loaf of bread, and a big salad.

Dinner went fine. The guys were funny, StrongOpinions wasn't too freaked out by having us actually talking to her boyfriend, and we enjoyed the conversation tremendously. Watching SO and SUL interact was fascinating. She's a girl who plays her cards pretty close to her chest around us, and to see her giggling and clearly bonkers over him was cute. Scary but cute.

There was some pasta and bread and potatoes left. I packed it up into GladWare for the guys. I understand that it is already completely gone. I had forgotten how boys that age eat. I shouldn't since my own empty the refreigerator whenever they're home, but it was funny anyway.

So SUL and R will be returning to Cheesehead country tomorrow morning. The rest of the world will be celebrating Christ's Resurrection, but I think poor StrongOpinions will be pretty blue, workign the Sunday brunch shift at the restaurant where she waits tables. Say a prayer for her - she takes it pretty hard whenever the boyfriend and she part ways for awhile.

Tomorrow is grandson Cowboy's 3rd birthday. I wish we lived closer than 450 miles away. Sigh.

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