Thursday, February 20, 2014

Random Dots of Thursday

  • Yes, I probably should have gone to the gym this afternoon, but given the fact that I woke up at 4 this morning, it seems more important that I should relax before my 5 pm guitar lesson.

  • I woke up at 4 because I had an early morning meeting that was to untangle a thorny pastoral problem, and I wanted to strategize. Yes, I came up with a plan. No, it didn't quite work out the way I hoped, but it didn't go badly either. The good news is that there is no real downside here, although some oxen may be gored. And maybe they should be.

  • We have a new Bionaire humidifier, part of the ongoing attempt to improve PH's and my night-time breathing. When I tested the humidity around the house, it was a sad 22%. Should be at least 40%. We are now approaching the 40% mark. On a weekly basis, though, we have to clean the humidifier. It's not quite biohazard level four, but both white vinegar and bleach are used (on different parts of the thing) and it's rather strange even if it is comforting to know the thing is clean. Really clean.

  • Guitar lessons proceed, albeit slowly. I will not be competing with Julian Bream or Christopher Parkening anytime in the foreseeable future, but I am enjoying it, now that I have developed calluses on my left fingertips. Before the calluses, it was akin to flogging myself everytime I played more than ten minutes. I enjoy this more than I expected to, but I really want to be better at it than I can reasonably expect at this point. Having teensy small hands is a problem.

  • The personal trainer thing is my new flogging. The young man is tough. I am not. He didn't kill me yet, although he came close with the planks with feet on slippery pads and the supersets. Hah. I'm doing supersets. One of these days I may actually be fit.

  • I had an absolutely amazing meeting with a musician friend talking about a cool idea for a summer music camp for kids from the economically challenged part of town. Scary to consider, but what a gas to work with someone who is as much of an idea monkey as I am. Thank goodness there are folks who can be adult supervision for us/ to us.

  • The diet: down 1.5 pants sizes. Being down 1.5 sizes means that NONE of my pants fit me well right now, but I'll take it. 

  • The research: waiting for some additional paperwork to be approved before I can send out the survey. Sigh. Someday this project will be done.
Have a good day, friends. BBL.

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