Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five: If It Ain't Broke...

It's been eons since I've played a Friday Five, those great little memes that my friends as RevGalBlogPals do each week. Martha has offered this prompt: please name five things in your life that need no improvement.

1) My husband: My husband of 16 years is a gem, beyond improvement. My earlier choices in men were less stellar. At least I'm educable...and he is patient and adores me.

2) My job: I'm blessed to serve a wonderful parish that has brought out the possibilities in my gifts in a way that I never could have anticipated. Will I stay here forever? I don't know. God has a sense of humor, so who knows? But for now, it is perfect, and I am grateful for the call.

3) The. Perfect. Chocolate. Chip. Cookie. Recipe.

4) The grandchildren, whom I love unconditionally, in a way that I could not love their parents. I feel no need or obligation to improve my grandchildren, not because they have nothing to improve, but because I like 'em just fine in all their quirky individuality. So in my mind, they need no improvement.

5) My clergy colleague group. My safe place to bring concerns, fears, anger, joys, and share them without judgment. I pray it functions that way for the rest of the group - I think that's so.

Feel free to play yourself, and do let folks at RevGals know if you do!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. We'll see how it is at high altitude.

Eclecticity said...

You are blessed to have a functional, trustworthy clergy-couple group.

Terri said...

A good marriage, a good parish, and a good clergy colleague group is just about perfect!

Wendy said...

sounds about right. Lovely.

Martha Spong said...

I am checking out that recipe! Thanks for playing, mibi!!