Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Sabbath

I. It was time for the annual visit to the eye doctor. She's a dear young woman (of course, I'm hitting the point where everyone seems young to me) and very thorough. She said it was time for (gulp) trifocals, because I need different correction for distance, close reading, and computer. Sigh.

It reminds me once again how addicted I am to reading, and how grateful someone is making sure my vision remains strong as I get older. It also reminds me how grateful I am to have vision insurance. My glasses will be pretty expensive, but they would be even more expensive if I didn't have that insurance. I could function in terms of driving without glasses (albeit not as well as I would like), and I could read with those cheap drugstore readers (albeit not as well as with the prescription lenses), but it is much better with the right glasses.

I've given up on contact lenses. I liked how I looked without glasses, but the risk-reward ratio is shifting. It felt less useful and more of an annoyance to wrestle them into my eyes. Glasses will work fine, and I'll be glad for them.

II. The house seems quiet with no house guests. I loved the visitors, but I also cherish the quiet. Of course, I'm not as motivated to do any cleaning when no one but PH and I are here, but that's not a big deal. The "Hoarders" guys wouldn't come in and sigh over our messes, since they are relatively minor.

III. Our local Krispy Kreme doughnut store is just about ready to re-open after renovation Part I and renovation Part II. Part I was a converntional sprucing up. Part II was repair after a drunken pastor drove his SUV through the plate glass (his second accident of the day). Don't know whether he thought the doughnuts and coffee would sober him up, or if he was on an anti-Krispy Kremes crusade, or what. They are celebrating their reopening next week with a giveaway of a year's worth of doughnuts for the first hundred people who show up, plus a cake competition, with the cakes being constructed from the doughnuts. Coals to Newcastle? Wretched excess? A little of both? I cannot imagine the number of WW points a slice of such a cake would carry. Since I won't eat it, I don't have to worry.

IV. The nasty green cankerworms are almost gone. They've eaten much of the leaves on our rosebushes, and I hope the roses recover. In some ways, they were a marvel - little apple-green worms suspended by silken threads from trees, wafting along in the breeze until they attached themselves to leaves or my hair and jacket. In retrospect, I can admire their literal and figurative tenacity. In the moment, though, they were yucky. I'm glad they are on the way out.

V. Tonight is Date Night. Off to Carter's Pig Pen for some BBQ. I've got a Groupon and it's inexpensive to begin with, so we should have a nice cheap feast. Groupon does exactly what it is intended to do, which is to get people to go to places they haven't been to before by offering a significant discount. Small pleasures for us foodies!

VI. Tomorrow is up in the air. I could go to a friend's ordination, about an hour away. I could stay home and pay visits to two folks who are homebound. I could do stuff with my husband, which I don't get to do very often. We shall see.

What are you doing on your Sabbath?

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