Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's time....

...to go back to what one friend of mine refers to as The Fat Club. you know, that place that assigns points to all the foods and such. I saw a video taken of me recently, and it wasn't pretty. Sweet, but not pretty. So tomorrow morning I'm going to get up and out and weigh in and begin getting some more discipline back in my life, at least around the eating thing.

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Rev Dr Mom said...

I've been following the plan since March and have had great results (-52 lbs and counting. Mind you that's weight I've need to lose for 20 years!) I just do it on line. Do you have a smart phone? If so you might like the WW app-has a points calculator and lets you track your points. If you record your points on your computer your phone date syncs automatically. The app totally saves me when I am eating away from home.

Good luck!