Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Sabbath

It was a good day. I got up, spent much of the morning in my jammies (had intended to work out early but decided to hang out at home), met a friend for lunch at an excellent new Italian place, and went with her to the Bizarre Bazaar, a craft show on steroids at the Richmond Raceway. We wandered around, a tad overwhelmed by the high percentage of shocking pink decorations (target audience: Richmond women 40-60 with money to buy silly tchochkes - apparently we are supposed to think that shocking pink and black are stylish), but found some fun stuff, including a spring colored pashmina, a nice little wreath for the front door, and gifties for a few upcoming birthdays. We avoided the various pralines, peanuts, chocolate, wine, pimiento cheese for sampling and sale.

I got home, had a little snack, and went off to work out. I decided to brave the line-dancing class.

I know what you're thinking. "Line dancing? What the heck kind of workout is THAT?"

However, it has a reputation of being a fierce workout, and the reputation was deserved. I came out of the class dripping with sweat, craving some ibuprofen, and discovered a message on my cellphone.

One of our dear older parishioners who has been sick is close to death. I knew he had been ill, but I thought his wife's condition was more precarious. I haven't had a memorial service to do since right before the Con Ed cruise, and I was hoping for a bit longer reprieve, but folks go to God when God calls, not when it is a more relaxed time for the pastor. Lesson learned, Lord.

So I've run the laundry and cancelled my participation in a road trip/training session in Durham NC tomorrow so I can spend the day in the holy work of sitting by the bedside of this dear man, holding the hand of his sweet wife, praying and talking and sitting in silence while they decide if he should be moved to the hospice facility or just stay put, whatever will make him most comfortable.

The sermon for Sunday is done. The Adult Forum is not. I will probably spend another hour on it tonight, but if it doesn't get completed, so be it. I'll do what most needs to be done, and am grateful to do it. Some sense of Good Friday has come a bit early, it seems. We watch and pray.

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