Saturday, February 12, 2011


It was a busy week. A difficult pastoral case which required many calls to many social service agencies. Other pastoral emergencies. Some extra work for other activities. Vestry work, a blessing but hard nonetheless. Planning. Preparing to go on my Continuing Education cruise.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day off. I worked twelve hours, almost all in response to emergencies that only I could attend to.

Today was a hospital visit - another emergency, then training our lay readers. Although only one showed up for the training, there was a pastoral conversation that ensued that was a Spirit-filled moment. I came home and finished the sermon. It's a bit on the long side, but I think it works in some ways. In any case, it is finished, which is a good feeling.

I thought I was okay with the stress of this week.

Then I took the car to the car wash. Three minutes in the softly humming car, with only the sound of the rushing water. No visibility with the soap on the car windows. Of course, no cell phone.

It was a blissful three minute retreat from the chaotic week into a tightly circumscribed space of white noise, flowing water, and nothing else. And I sighed, and it all melted away.

I think taking the car through the car wash is my new spiritual discipline.


Songbird said...

I love this. I also love that soon you'll get a longer retreat. :-)

mibi52 said...

Amen, amen!