Friday, July 02, 2010

Ring Out, O Bell!

I went to lunch with a beloved parishioner here at Church of the Lakeside yesterday and found out something very interesting.

We have a bell.

Not a door bell, and not a massive church bell..but a good-sized bell that is either cast-iron or bronze, about two feet in length, maybe 18 inches across.

It came out to the lakeside when this parish moved from the inner city in 1955. It stood beside the building that was the original multi-purpose church building in 1955; it stood between the old building and the new church when it was built in 1967. Somewhere between then and when the connector was built uniting the two buildings, it fell down.

Now it is under the church in a utility room.

The parishioner mentioned that he would like to find a way to restore it by having some sort of stand built for it so that the children can ring it to announce that church is starting. not a huge tower, something a bit simpler - we are not a fancy church, after all.

He wants to make it a memorial.

His daughter-in-law died tragically of cancer a few years him, this bell could be her voice ringing out the love of Christ to those who hear it.

I can't think of a more wonderful way to honor her memory, or to announce to the community that we are preaching the Gospel in this place.


By the way, if you have any pictures of structures to house such a bell, send them my way...we're looking for ideas.

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