Monday, May 10, 2010

Yes, I've been busy...

...the move and starting the new gig and everything. Bad blogger, I know.

The various and sundry tasks involved with getting settled in the house have fallen disproportionately on me since PH is still wrapping up his practice in Your Nation's Capital. no, I'm not aggravated at him - this was our deal, and I'm fine with that. It's just that it sometimes feels like being pecked to death by ducks. This morning it was the following:
  • arranging for someone to retrieve a zillion empty boxes (thank you, Craigslist, for making it possible to recycle all those boxes rather than taking them to the landfill) to be used in her move.
  • having the insurance inspector come to eyeball the house and see if the insurance company can charge us even more money to insure an older house.
  • getting the city to pick up the brush that PH and his buddy cleared out of the back yard this weekend - what wonderful plants we found after the ugly stuff was taken out!
  • trying to find a replacement part for the dishwasher so it can actually be mounted to the cabinets instead of jiggling freely (don't know whether the contractor or the former homeowner was to blame for that one, which is also related to the improperly mounted microwave, but it doesn't much matter at this point, does it?)
  • searching for the gift card that PH got for his birthday, so we can use it for something useful at the Home Despot.
  • unpacking more boxes and planning the hanging of the pictures in the living room and foyer. Many pictures and antique maps and such of all different sizes - wow. Like planning storming the beach in Normandy.
  • arranging for the plumber to come and complete the installation of our new tankless water heater. Thanks be to God, the city inspector (one of the items on last week's list) approved the new gas line without blinking. Pete, thanks for the nice work.
Yes, I'll take some cheese with that whine. We've got a lovely house, and we can afford to do the odds and ends we need to do to bring it up to snuff. Life is good.

But in the meantime, I'm also trying to untangle some administrative odds'n'ends before my first Vestry meeting tomorrow night (not that I'm nervous or anything). The secretary is reasonably helpful, the parishioners are dear, but there aren't enough hours in the days, and it's hard to know what to tackle first.

These are all good problems to have, though, so I'll just get me a bowl of ice cream and stop complaining now.

Continue what you were doing....

Yes, I know I'm outing myself with the picture above, but I don't say anything quite so radical that the world can't know from whence it came.


Lauralew said...

This too shall pass. Love that banner--what a gift! Hugs to you.

revhipchick said...

congrats on the move! i'm sure all is well by now and i love the picture and your banner! i am "out" as well--i think it's actually safer and better, that's my experience anyway.

peace and blessings

Rev Dr Mom said...

A friend and I started at our new parishes at about the same time, and we asked each other, "What do you do first when you become a rector?" It seems mind boggling, what with all the details to figure out. But 8 months in, it seems that getting to know the congregation is probably the most important task of all.

Good luck!

AllenA_Ratcliff0于婷 said...