Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Dots of Thursday

  • Alone in the church office, since rector and wife (the church admin) are away today. An odd sensation!

  • PH and the team are into Arizona, having finished the California leg of the race. They aren't going very quickly, but that was strategic on their part - slow and steady gets you to the end of the race. Going too fast at the beginning burns you out. Three Time Stations down, only 51 to go!

  • Sermon and powerpoint slides are done for this Sunday. Time to start on Wednesday's homily and the sermon for next Sunday. I am telling myself what good experience this is for me.

  • Spent yesterday lunchtime with the other priests of the region and our Bishop Coadjutor, who is a very cool guy. I think he will enliven this diocese, which (although the largest in the US and the oldest) has gotten rather worn down by the legal battles over who stays and who leaves TEC, and whether they relinquish their property as church canons state or keep it. Oh, I will be happy when the lawsuits are decided!

  • Still no paperwork back from last semester's schoolwork. I actually got a call from one of my profs yesterday who couldn't find the grade for my final paper (delivered in early March) and wanted to know if I had a copy of it. Sigh...I shouldn't be surprised. There is - believe it or not - one class that ended in March 2007 for which I have not received a final grade.

  • I'm fantasizing about a week of vacation with PH after this internship ends, and my three day interim ministry class which immediately follows it. It will have to be close, given the gasoline prices, but even a long weekend somewhere in the Shenandoah would revive me.

  • I will be going to meet with the Standing Committee of the Diocese on July 17th for the interview for candidacy for ordination. The Commission on Ministry recommended enthusiastically in favor, but in moments of paranoia, I fear the Standing Committee will start all over again with the questions from ground zero. Maybe not. My friend L will be meeting with them in June, so we shall see what her experience is. Since she and I are alike in many ways (with the exception of my kids being more or less grown and her still being pretty young), our interviews have been quite similar.

  • And as my Commission on Ministry Liaison was on sabbatical, and thus not there to support me, for the COM interview, my Standing Committee Liaison will also be gone for my meeting with them. Ah well, what doesn't kill makes me me strong.

  • Temperatures right now are a balmy 79 degrees. Humidity is low. Thanks be to God! Another few days of heat indexes of 110 and high humidity, and I wouldn have melted into a puddle on the floor.

  • Carpet cleaners come to our little townhouse tomorrow. A good thing, since between the cats puking and PH running his bike into the house, that neutral beige carpet is looking pretty grungy. It should stay clean for, oh, about three days.

  • PH (along with his father and brother) will be on the ride for Father's Day. So do you think I should get him a massage for when he comes home as his FD present?


Lauralew said...

Would the class that ended in March 2007 for which you haven't gotten a final grade be NT3? I have just assumed that I earned at least a C and am done with it.

I am going to teach an Adult Forum series on church history this fall. Everyone wants to hear only about Henry VIII; I plan to avoid him and figure out something else to present. I'm thinking about presenting something from the paper I wrote for CH3 as well as some early American Episcopal history.

Glad to hear your fella is chugging along nicely on his ride! Hope you are holding up in the heat!

mibi52 said...

Yeah, it was. My transcript says I passed (with a "P"). I don't care about the grade, I just wish I had gotten that final exegesis back. This year's graduating seniors included a couple of folks who were in that class, and they did get an actual letter grade on their final transcript, so I guess the prof in question still has the papers!

Vis-a-vis church history, you might want to talk about the relationship between church and state...certainly a lively topic then and now.

It's hot here, but my ac works, so I'm a happy girl. I went to the Cathedral this a.m. for Robin G's ordination to the diaconate. Lovely ceremony, but very small compared to the VA diaconal ordination - there were only two ordinands for the DC ordination as opposed to fourteen for VA. My class of Virginians will be much smaller, just four of us.

Stay out of trouble out there in the wild West. PH and his team are trying to get to Taos by the cut-off time. Better them than me.