Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CPE Preparation

No, it's not reading.

No, it's not praying.

It's my measles-mumps-rubella titer, to see if I need an MMR shot prior to my work.

Plus it's not one but two TB tests, within the month before I start CPE (that's chaplaincy training for the uninitiated).

Plus I have to swear whether or not I've had chicken pox. And my primary care physician has to say I won't fall over or anything while in CPE.

Yes, yes, I understand I'll be working with very sick kids who would be compromised by any nasty germ I brought in the door, and even many of the relatively benign ones). I understand that I must protect them from what I can.

Doesn't mean I can't be annoyed about all this.

Now if the preparation involved chocolate...

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Eliz F said...

What annoys me the MOST (well, at least a lot, hard to figure what ordination process piece is the most annoying) is the physical I had to submit before ordination. I also had to submit one during discernment. Makes me feel like a horse!! I'm not getting health insurance through the Church Insurance Group, so really, WHY is our denomination canonically entitled to my detailed health records????