Monday, June 19, 2006

Holy Moley!

We've got a woman presiding bishop! See here:

I'm ecstatic - she's a fascinating, brilliant person, a second-career priest (like I will be), and her views are progressive but conciliatory, which resonates with me. I'm also worried - there are some parts of the Anglican Communion who haven't even signed on to ordination of women, much less women bishops, much less a woman primate. This is going to be interesting and maybe a little scary, but I think she's the right choice for ECUSA.

I was also rejoicing yesterday, reading this homily delivered by Maori Anglican theologian Dr. Jenny Plane Te Paa, the "ahorangi" or dean of Te Rau Kahikatea (College of St. John the Evangelist) in Auckland, New Zealand, which is one of the most powerful I've read in some time, and makes me proud to be a woman, to be a Christian, to be part of the Anglican communion:

Some days I think it's the work of women that will save the church.


Songbird said...

Some days I think it's the work of women that will save the church.
Amen, Sister. Amen.

Sophia said...


This is absolutely stunning!

I am still thrilled this morning.

Later today I'm going to call my former internship supervisor so we can celebrate! Here in the land of the Liberal (secular) Think Tank I have nobody who will get giddy with me about this.

mibi52 said...

Sophia, we'll do the happy dance together on this one!